Friday, January 15, 2010

Key West

So the Monday after Christmas, Andrew and I got to go to Key West with his firm. Grandma and Grandpa DeLaMare watched the kids!! THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!

We flew into Ft. Lauderdale and drove down to to the Keys it was a beautiful drive when we got to the Keys. The 7 mile bridge was really neat! It was however a lot longer of a drive than we anticipated but we had fun!!
Andrew had to be in meetings two of the days we were there, so if you ask him I had more fun then he did!!

This was the view from our hotel room!
I had 3 goals while I was in Key West. The first was to run on the beach, the second was to spend one whole day laying on the beach, and the third was to watch the sunrise. I'm proud to say I accomplished all 3. I don't have pictures of running but here are some of the beach I laid on.

These are the palm trees I was laying under! Honestly I was in heaven it was so great. The resort where Andrew's meetings were and where we laid on the beach was a full service resort and at 2:00pm servers brought around popcicles on a silver platter! It was so cool!

Thursday morning, Andrew and I and one of the other attorneys Kathleen and her husband Jeff, got up and watched the sunrise and then ate breakfast on the water! It was beautiful and peaceful!

Needless to say we had a great time and it was really hard to leave 80 degree weather and come back to 10 degree weather and snow. But it was great! The last pictures are of Andrew and I one on the pier, behind us is the southern most part of the USA and if you look hard on a clear day you can see Cuba, or so they say! And one at night on the wharf close to the resturuant we ate in!


Sleepless Sabra said...

We're so jealous! Bryan is trying to talk me into another cruise or a beach getaway this May but I just can't leave Hyrum that young. He'll only be 9 or 10 months. I'm afraid it'll mess him up! :)

Jared and Niki said...

So fun! It is so good to hear from you! I am so bad at catching up with people on blogs and facebook, so I was glad to catch up on what you guys have been up to. Sounds like things are great. We miss you guys! Hope things continue to go well for your family!