Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally an Update!!

So I have had several people point out the fact that I have not updated our blog in awhile. I realize it has been nearly a month, but it's been a VERY busy month. So if you have a minute to read this entire blog there are a few things you might like to know.

First off Parker started the first grade and wouldn't you know we got a call from his teacher on the 3rd day!!! He got in trouble for two things. talking, (I know that's a shocker with me as his mother) and trying to make the class laugh (hmm can we say Andrew!) Anyway the thing was he was doing all of this while his teacher was trying to talk. Big no no. So I guess it's during their carpet time he had a little problem distracting the other kids. The good thing is she says at his desk he's all buisness. So we talked to him about it and the next day was better but the first day of the next week we got a second call!!!! SAME THING! I have a feeling this will be something we struggle with his entire school career. I guess with his parentage we should have seen this coming. But the good news is he has an incredible teacher and we've been "practicing" quiet time at home, and we haven't had a call since that day. And his teacher says he's doing great now. Hooray!

Bailey is just amazing. She's growing and changing so much every day! She rolls and turns all around the room, and she's sitting up really well. She's starting to get some hair, and when she's awake she is usually babbling non stop. It's crazy we don't remember Parker talking this much. It could just be the difference in a boy and girl, and she is my child, so I'm sure she'll love to talk. One night she woke up at 2:00am and laid in her crib and just talked and babbled for 2 hours!!!! Of course it was loud enough that we could hear her and we didn't get any sleep!!! But it's hard to be mad when she was so stinking cute!!!! She also LOVES her daddy. For some reason if I'm holding her it's time to play or eat. She won't just snuggle with me. I miss it because Parker was such a snuggle bug, but Bailey will snuggle with Andrew. It's really sweet. I guess she already knows who to wrap around her finger!!

In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned that Andrew's application for the FBI was accepted and that he was going to take the first exam. Well he passed. Now we wait for the second test which could be 3-6 months. Then he'll go to Chicago or Dallas for that which is an essay and an interview. If he passes those then he'll have to take a polygraph test and pass the background check, which could take another 3-6 months, upon passing those then he would take the Physical Fitness test and then wait for a spot to open in a class at Quantico. We would definately have to move. They never send you back to your application area. So we're looking at about a year for the whole process. He's still very excited but we will just have to see. Someone asked why he went to law school if he wanted to go into the FBI. To anwser that he didn't really know he wanted to go into the FBI and not just anyone can apply to be a special agent. You need a degree in one of several fields and law just happens to be one of them. so that's the news there.

I'm just crazy. I've got work and kids, and YMCA classes I teach, and being Primary President and now being roped into helping organize a book fair for the PTA, not to mention the buisness I'm working on, I'm swamped!!!!! So that's my excuse for not getting the blog updated sooner. Besides the laptop was on the fritz and the desktop isn't fast enough for me. I have no patience for slow computers!!!

Well that's my update and here's some pictures! I hope everyone is well.